Overview and Exam System

This consists of the Junior Phase of education, from P7-S3, followed by the Senior Phase from S4-S6. After sampling a large number of subjects in P7-S2, students choose 9 subjects in S3, followed by 5 subjects in each of the Senior Phase years. This maximises flexibility for a small school such as QVS.

Attainment levels are very good. 65% of our S5 students gain 3 or more Highers, which is far above the national average. Our leaving statistics are excellent, with over 90% of our students regularly leaving with 3 or more Highers or Advanced Highers. Advanced Highers are now offered in a wide range of subjects and our students have a high degree of success.

We offer a broad range of traditional subjects with recent additions such as Classical Studies, Photography, Scottish bagpipes and Drumming all being popular. Our curriculum here is further broadened by the ceremonial aspects of the school and we place high importance on Sport and Piping, Drumming and Dancing, as well as Drill. We are looking to offer a more vocational curriculum in the fullness of time and are building strong links with Forth Valley College, based in Stirling.

Our course-choice and options booklets aim to meet the needs of all individuals. As you can understand, this can prove difficult in a school with just one teacher for a lot of subjects but we strive to do our very best.