2022 Ski Trip

We were able to resume having our annual ski trip following since 2019 due to Covid. The 2022 ski trip left for Aosta, Italy on Friday the 16th of December, with 80 students in tow. A bright and early wake-up was welcomed by a heavy downpour of snow – the first snow of the season. We are sure that this definitely got the students into ski mode even though they were no where near a ski resort! However, the snow caused a few problems with our buses leaving and the departure was thus delayed by an hour. Eventually, 2 buses packed with excited teens, left for their 32 hour drive to Italy.

The bus journey was long. The buses were meant to catch the 10:30pm ferry to France but missed it and caught the midnight ferry instead. Pupils were known to pass the time by playing Tetris with their feet! How very creative.

Finally, they arrived at their destination and immediately got their skis and boots fitted. Thereafter, the group checked into the hotel and found their rooms so they could relax before going down for dinner and meeting the Interski staff who had planned out the activities for the week.

Some of the highlights from the trip, as shared by one of the pupils include a story where one of our pupils flipped over a fence whilst trying to stop and not crash into a group of his peers. Fortunately, he landed on a deep pile of snow. All were in fits of laughter as the instructor was almost pulled over the fence with him whilst trying to help him up. Thankfully, both were unharmed and the group had a good laugh about it for the rest of the week.

One night, the group went out for ice cream. Never mind the fact that they were in sub-zero temperatures, ice-cream it was! While waiting for their orders, some of the younger pupils had a small snowball fight (naturally) that ended up being stopped by a member of staff. After getting the ice cream, the group went on a walk and got to know a bit about the history of Aosta.

On another night, after a day of skiing, the group went bowling, and at the start, some thought they wouldn’t enjoy it, but as the night went on the group got more and more competitive. Let’s just say that although it was cold, things certainly heated up. One group, in particular, ended up with a difference of two points between 1st and 2nd place.

Despite a few mishaps (as expected), the group had a great time skiing and enjoying the beautiful Italian mountains.

Overall, the Queen Victoria School 2022 ski trip was a success, with pupils and chaperones alike having a great time both on and off the slopes. Despite a few accidents, the group had a safe and enjoyable trip and enjoyed skiing in the beautiful Italian mountains. Many students are already looking forward to next year’s trip.